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Adventures in Prayer Spanish LL

Adventures in Prayer Spanish LL




Adventures in Prayer now available in Spanish

An adventure in prayer began 40 years ago. It traveled across the globe—from closets to prayer chairs, from the steps where Hitler shouted to the door where Martin Luther began the Protestant Reformation. A journey that brought an adventurer to Gateway Church. Take the journey. Start the adventure. Adventures in Prayer: A 40-Day Journey by Pastor Mary Jo Pierce.

Product Description

The book is arranged with 40 inspiring stories from Pastor Mary Jo’s life. Each vignette concludes with a section to guide the reader to think about Mary Jo’s message, God’s message, and the reader’s response to God. It is an ideal resource for daily devotionals.

A word from the author:
I love prayer. People ask me why I love prayer so much. My answer is simple-it works! Prayer encompasses the whole of why we were created. We were created to have a personal relationship with God and to partner with him to bring heaven to earth. Prayer. This one little word represents my life with God. It encompasses the whole of my journey with Him. It speaks to the adventure I have been on since He first called my name.