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Best of Gateway Conference R Morris Vol 1 USB

Best of Gateway Conference R Morris Vol 1 USB




Best of Gateway Conference Robert Morris Vol 1 is a compilation of the bestmessages from Gateway Church's founding PastorRobert Morris at Gateway Conference. This convenientUSB includes 4 video messages with accompanyingaudio tracks, as well as 4 bonus audio only messages. Avolume featuring messages from multiple leaders is alsoavailable called Best of GC | Leadership | Volume 1.

Product Description

To use this product, plug the USB drive into your computer to access both video and audio message files.  They can upload files to media players and share with applicable mobile devices.

Video & Audio Messages:

  1. Staying Strong Part 1
  2. Staying Strong Part 2
  3. The Root Cause
  4. Permission Granted

Bonus Audio Messages:

  1. The Priority of Prayer
  2. Stop Tolerating
  3. Good to Great Preaching
  4. What's My Job?