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Truly Free Audiobook CD

Truly Free Audiobook CD



What's keeping you from being truly free?

Product Description

Is there something in your life that's keeping you down? Something you're struggling with that you can't seem to break free from, no matter how many times you've tried?

In 2004, Pastor Robert Morris transformed the act of giving in his bestseller The Blessed Life, and now he does the same for spiritual freedom in his new book, Truly Free.

The Bible is clear that some problems are actually just problems, but there are other trials you go through that are the work of the enemy in your life. So how can you tell the difference between evil and worldly issues?

Truly Free will show you the warning signs that your life may be opened to evil and how you can overcome the enemy and find freedom. Using clear, biblically based teaching, Robert Morris invites you to join him on a journey to true freedom. You'll gain insight into your personal struggles as he openly shares how God helped him find freedom from chronic illness, lust, temptation, and insecurity.

If you've ever wondered, Why do I keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again? Why can't I change? Take heart-there is a way out! With relevant scriptures, prayers, and questions for contemplation or group discussion, this audiobook explains how you can find lasting freedom and live truly free.